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Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Most people can't resist browsing through the daily or weekly horoscopes where sometimes the predictions can either be amazingly accurate or completely wrong. When you really think about it, how could these predictions be accurate for millions of people born under the same star signs?

These Horoscope predictions base all birth times at sunrise and are only concerned with the position of the Sun. The final result only has a 1 in 12 chance of being accurate as attention is made to the positions of the rest of the cosmic bodies in relation to the sunrise birth time. Full natal charts which depict all the planets at the time of your birth can provide a lot of information about different personalities, relationships, events and your potential but these can be rather complex and hard to interpret unless you are a professional astrologer.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is a stand-alone ancient branch of predictive astrology totally different to natal astrology, as it is used to answer specific questions from an astrological chart which is drawn up at the precise time and location the astrologer understands the question. Your date or place of birth is not required as it works on the assumption that everything is interconnected in the universe as we are all part of a bigger picture. It will provide:

A quick and accurate answer to your question is given following a thorough examination and interpretation of this instant chart, which is why it is also known as 'Interrogational Astrology.'

Horary Astrology follows a specific set of rules and is believed to have commenced well before the second millennium and was the mainstay of astrological practice for centuries. Many consider William Lilly (1602-81) to be the last great master of the art while John Frawley is considered to be one of the modern masters.

Horary, if used effectively, can offer insight and guidance into important issues for each client and the questions could include:

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria


• Are we compatible?
• Will we get married?
• Will this relationship last?
• Will he/she take me back?
• Does he/she love me?
• Does his/her family like me?
• Does he/she have money?
• When will I get married?
• Can he/she be trusted?


• Will I get the job?
• Will it be good money?
• Is the company secure?
• Will I keep my job?
• Should I go into partnership with this person?
• Will my business go well?
• Should I invest in these shares or the company?
• Should I hire this plumber or tradesman?
• When will I get a new job?
• General money and career prospects?


• Is it a good property to rent or purchase?
• What is the true condition of the property?
• Is the property well priced?
• Should I sell my property?


• Will we win the trial?
• Guilty or not guilty
• Will he go to jail?
• Is there criminal or harmful activity?


• How is his/her health?
• Will his/her health improve?
• Is he a good doctor?
• Am I pregnant?
• Will I ever conceive?


• Where is it?
• Where has he/she gone?


• How is my dog's health?
• Will my cat's health improve?
• Should I get a small or bigger dog?

The universe will quickly provide the answer to any question reflected on the sincerity and intention of the client and once asking the question, free will and choice can be used to change the set of circumstances.

Horary Consultations

To ask a question, first Contact Elizabeth by this website or email. Full payment of $60 for each question must be received before an analysis will be provided. What I will need to know is:


The precise time (local time zone, date and location or city/country) that you asked the question.


Once you email me with the question I will return your email with further questions which may be required to assist in making an accurate analysis such as hair colour and description of the person you are enquiring about.

Once payment is received, you will receive a detailed written analysis within 2 – 10 days in answer to your question along with the astrological chart drawn up at the time of your question. You are then free to email me should you wish to discuss the analysis you have received.

Continue to the Dream Analysis page, or Contact Elizabeth now to book your prediction, or book online below.

Elizabeth Wilde, Horary Astrology Predictions & Readings, Melbourne, Victoria


Book an online horary astrology reading now with PayPal. Ask a question, and Elizabeth will provide you with a very detailed and accurate answer once you have emailed her beforehand for instructions on how to ask your particular question.

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