Elizabeth Wilde: Psychic Medium

Corporate Events, Hens Nights, Halloween, Psychic Tarot parties

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Elizabeth Wilde specialises in Hen's Nights, VIP Corporate Events, Work Place Events, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Tarot Parties, Pamper Yourself Parties, Theme Nights, Psychic Dinners and group bookings at Night Clubs. Elizabeth has attended many Psychic Festivals such as Mind Body Spirit Festival and Sexpo - and tends to be very popular with clubs and entertainment agencies.

Enjoy The Real Thing With A Bit Of Theatrics

As Elizabeth says, "I find entertaining guests a lot of fun dressed in costume with my crystal ball. As a past entertainer and singer, I love to get into the zone and dress up according to the theatrical theme, as I have access to all types of props and costumes and can act the part as 'the Psychic' or Medieval Gothic, Gypsy, Witch, Arabian, Egyptian or Celtic Druid to create a magical and uplifting atmosphere, where the aim is to have lots of fun."

Roaming Psychic

Elizabeth can uplift your event and entertain your guests by being the "Roaming Psychic", where she can walk around entertaining your guests by asking them to pick a Tarot card (which always comes with a story). If palmistry interests them, Elizabeth can unlock the secrets of their palm and personality, or they can discover their destiny through runes or numerology.

Hen's Nights

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

If you or someone you know is getting married and you are wondering what the future holds, why not have a Tarot reader who can read everyone's Tarot cards to guarantee a mystical hen's night with a difference. Elizabeth always feels "privileged to be invited to do Tarot readings at hen's nights, as I always thoroughly enjoy helping to make it a fun night, because it is a wonderful way of providing self-empowerment and upliftment to the bride and all of her close friends and family."

Marriage Celebrancy And Ceremonies

As a registered Marriage Celebrant, Elizabeth has performed many beautiful wedding ceremonies plus a diverse range of ceremonies (including Wicca and Themed Weddings) which have been tailored to meet the needs of the bride and groom. Elizabeth is fully aware of "what a bride really wants" in the lead up to the happiest day of her life, so she always ensures the readings are light and lots of fun. Please find more information on our Weddings page.

Wicca And Themed Weddings

Wiccan weddings involving Handfasting rituals do vary depending on ceremony chosen by the bride and groom, and are usually conducted outdoors. Please find more information on our Weddings page.

VIP Corporate Events, Christmas And Birthday Parties

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Do you have a special corporate or VIP event? Is it a Christmas or Birthday celebration? You could have a Tarot reader dressed in costume to uplift the whole event. Your corporate event may be a day at the races for the Melbourne Cup or Oaks Day for the ladies dressed in the most dazzling fashions. Make your private marquee more fun and entertaining by a very gifted Tarot reader walking around to provide fun and entertainment to your clients.

Psychic Dinners And Parties

How would you and your friends like to get together for a special psychic dinner party, where you enjoy great food in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere with two psychic tarot and palm readers? It will be a night you won't forget, as it will bring an element of mystery and excitement whilst you are provided with enlightenment and clarification around love or work situations.


Elizabeth can visit you in your home, and readings can be arranged for a party or a gathering of your friends. "I travel all over Melbourne and country areas to private homes, motels, restaurants or barbecues to provide Tarot readings to make it a magical and joyful experience."

Time Frame At Functions

A two hour time frame allows for six to eight minute readings for each person for approximately 20 people. With fewer guests, more time can be spent on each reading. All Elizabeth needs is a table and two chairs, or for more guests, extra Tarot readers can be organised at your request to ensure each guest has a reading.

Guest Speaker, Presenter, MC

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Elizabeth can appear as a guest speaker at your corporate events on a chosen topic, or act as an M/C at your event or special occasion, where she has a broad range of life and work experiences to entertain and amuse audiences with. Elizabeth is also prepared to travel if necessary.

Elizabeth is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, plus the Australian Psychic's Association. With more than 25 years of experience as a Tarot practitioner, Elizabeth has regularly been invited to:

• Mind, Body, Spirit Festival Melbourne
• Sexpo Melbourne
• Victoria Night Market and many other Melbourne Psychic Festivals
• Tarot and pamper yourself parties in private homes
• All types of parties, regular spots at night clubs, gay and lesbian events, and cinemas
• Tamworth Country Music Festival as the "singing psychic"
• Hen's nights at 5 star motels and restaurants
• Attending school orientations, and shopping centres


As an experienced Tarot teacher, Elizabeth has been teaching and lecturing Tarot and psychic development for many years.


Elizabeth has appeared on television, radio, magazines and newspapers Australia-wide at different times in her life, and as a guest speaker at various corporate events.

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