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Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Numerology Readings date back to Pythagoras (born 608BC), a teacher of Science of Numbers. He taught us that within each person is a beautiful light just waiting to shine forth a magnificence being whom is just aching for expression – known as our true self. Every number has a secret meaning giving us insights into our destiny and life lessons where our date of birth and name can clearly illustrate how we express ourselves and which direction we will take in our lives.

Numerology Profile and Charts are available.

Remember - your name is no accident

As a professional Numerologist, Elizabeth will provide you with a personal Numerology chart for self-awareness on your past and present pathways in this lifetime.

During a Numerology Consultation, a Character Analysis and Personality Profile is made up and comprises some of the following:

Life Path Number

Everyone has a Life Path Number which influences your life. This number is found by adding all the numbers of your birth date together until they are a single digit. This brings enlightenment to the life path our sole chose before we were born to learn Karmic lessons or pay back Karmic debts in this life time. This could explain why some people experience "Instant Karma" whilst others seem to get away with everything.

Personal Year Number

Everyone also has a Personal Year number which evaluates the trend for the coming year. This number is found by adding the date and month you were born along with the current years, together until they are a single digit.

Heart's Desire

This is what you want and what motives you. You may wish to be independent, or a leader, or happy to work side by side with other people as a team member.


This is what you are good at where you may be analytical, practical, technical, ambitious, or more creative making you well suited to your chosen professions or areas of work.

Maturity Number

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Maturity Number is calculated from your full name at birth and your birth date by adding certain components together and shows how they work together in your life. Your Maturity number indicates abilities, dreams, or desires that gradually surface between 30 and 40 years of age.

Your Maturity encompasses those skills and qualities that relate to your true self. These are the skills that you should try to develop within your lifetime. The power and influence of your Maturity Number increases steadily as you grow older and can be used to point out your strengths and abilities.

House Numbers

Many people like to ask what their house numbers mean, and each number has both positive and negative traits. Should you not be happy with the negative traits, a house clearing can be conducted to remove any negative energy.

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Elizabeth Wilde, Numerology Readings Melbourne, Numerology Reading Melbourne Victoria.


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