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The word "Rune" means mystery, secret or whisper.

Runes Of Magic

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Runes have been used for divination and magic; since ancient times and the most commonly used Runes today are the "Elder Futhark". This Old Germanic Runic alphabet or "Elder Futhark" contains 25 Runes. The first six Runes of the alphabet spell out the word "FUTHARK". As the Runes spread northwards into Scandinavia, some Rune symbols were dropped and the alphabet was reduced to only 16 Runes. The Runes are broken into three sections or groups of eight, called Aett (Aettir, plural). This helps you to remember their order.

Runes are an oracle for anyone seeking advice. The most effective way for them to work is if you state your current problem or situation and then ask a specific question. Runic divination or "Rune casting" is not "fortune-telling" in the way that we see the future, as it gives you a means of looking at the path you are on and the most likely outcome. The future is not fixed, like a ship in Port Phillip Bay; it is subject to change so if you don’t like the prediction, you can always change paths.

Consulting The Oracle

If you have a problem facing you, you can always consult the Runes and your need is what brings the energy of the Runes into play. Focus the issue clearly in your mind and draw on the Runes. The right Rune will always stick to your fingers.

You may require advice on whether to make a career change, sell your home, or start or end a relationship. The word issue is used here rather than a question so you would say "the issue here is my work or relationship!" Or you may ask "what do I need to know in relation to my life right now?"


You can have a three or five rune spread or a Celtic Cross spread. This will cover the overview of the situation, what your challenges are, what you need to do, sacrifices you may need to make, and the new situation evolving.

According to Ralph Blum from the Book of Runes, thirteen of the twenty five Runes focus directly on the mechanism of self-change and are known as the Cycle of Initiation. These are especially useful if you are undergoing the passage of self-change as it will be helpful to note if these Runes appear during this time.

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