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Tea Leaf Readings, Melbourne

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Have your tea leaves read during a private consultation.

While you are having a Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, or Rune Reading, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea made the old fashion way with a teapot.

Tea leaf reading has been traditionally practiced in several countries by women and is also referred to as tasseography.

Early signs could be:

• Money is on its way if there are bubbles on the surface of your tea.

• Floating tea leaves on the surface means you are going to have visitors. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are.

• You can expect news of twins soon, if two teaspoons are accidently placed on a saucer.

• If a teaspoon is placed upside down onto a saucer means news of poor health of a close relative.

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