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Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Palmistry originated in India 3,000 years ago and is used to assess the personality and counselling as the hands can reveal emotional tendencies, thought and behaviour patterns, health issues, subconscious fears, blockages and strengths so actual predictions are not done with palmistry. Hand analysis will provide you with information on your true abilities and personality giving you an insight into which direction to pursue in the future.

Palmistry is often misunderstood, and the lines in the hand are like a flowing river so they are not set in concrete. These lines do change if we change our life path or our way of thinking. Palmistry can also identify underlying health conditions which can show up on the palm, months before they manifest into health problems.

Your palm is your own personal blueprint, which provides information about your emotional life, how you think and your personality traits. Your hidden talents and abilities can also be revealed which will allow you to reach your full potential once you gain insight into your personality and capabilities so that you will know which path you should take in the future.

Although both palms have their own significance, the right hand is what we have made of our lives, while the left hand is what we were born with and if the person is left handed this analysis is reversed.

There are 3 groups of lines on the hand and these are the major, minor and personal lines which are all analysed along with the fingers and shape of the hand by experienced palmists.

Major Lines

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

• The Life Line - identifies vitality, strength or weakness, enthusiasm for living and state of health.
• The Heart Line - reveals how you relate to others and your degree of sensitivity or emotional history.
• The Head Line - represents your mental capacity and intellectual style. The minor vertical lines in the hand are each named for the finger under which it terminates.

Minor Lines

• Line Of Saturn or Fate Line - represents success and areas of work.
• Line Of Apollo or Sun Line - indicates artistic talent.
• Line Of Mercury - indicates certain areas of health or spiritual growth.

Hand Shapes

• Fire Hand - oblong palm with short fingers.
• Water Hand - oblong palm with long fingers.
• Earth Hand - square palm with short fingers.
• Air Hand - square palm with long fingers.

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