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Lenormand & Tarot Card Readings, Melbourne

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

The Tarot is an ancient spiritual tool which consists of Archetypes that appear as messengers or guides in a reading, and their unconscious energies provide you with the messages you need to hear, channelled by our Archangels and guides. But these are "not set in concrete" because it is up to us as to which choices we make.

Elizabeth's private tarot card consultations and tarot parties give you the wisdom to recognise that most of the time we do have free will and choice in our lives, however it is usually not until we are much older that we can see the pattern where our life has been shaped by a series of either good or bad choices, mostly of our own doing.

Our mind is extremely powerful, so negative thought patterns can prevent us from reaching our desired goals or full potential in life. "What we think and believe is what we get in our lives!"

Elizabeth's Tarot Readings

Not only does Elizabeth have more than 25 years of experience, she has been to "the school of life", and can offer you a wealth of life time experience in:

• Clarification around love and relationships
• Clarification around business, legal and property matters
• Clarification around work situations
• Clarification around medical and family matters
• Self-empowerment and how to make better choices
• Enlightenment on what's been holding you back based on "the law of attraction and how we play the cards we have been dealt in life"

Love And Relationships

Quite often we attract other people who are "mirrors" of ourselves and usually the "stronger the attraction, the stronger the mirror", either negatively or positively. So unless we can be aware of our blue print or the baggage we are still carrying around, we will keep attracting the same type of person or situations in our relationships, as people tend to appear in our lives to teach us various lessons in life, and once the lesson is over, they disappear from our lives.

The Sole Journey

We must be aware of how powerful the spoken word is. Remember, everything you say can come back to you in this mysterious universe so we need to be mindful of our negative thoughts when aiming for our most desired goals as we can often be our own worst enemy. How we play the cards we have been dealt in life is up to us, as we are all on our own individual journey. According to numerology, before we are even born we choose our own life path to learn our lifetime lessons, so regardless of how difficult our life is, the sole will still reach its intended destination either the easy or the hard way, depending on our own personal choices.

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