Elizabeth Wilde: Psychic Medium

Reiki Healing, Melbourne

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

By shifting your energy, it allows your body to recover, physically and emotionally - especially if it is stress related. As the saying goes, "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!"

Reiki, originating from Japan, is made up of two words – Rei and Ki. It will play an important role as an accepted healing practice in the future, as western medicine continues to explore alternative methods of healing.

Reiki and Seichim is the transfer of universal energy through the palms of the hands, and are guided by the Higher Power so it knows exactly where it needs to go to heal the body, especially in the unconscious parts of the mind and body containing negative thoughts or feelings, and eliminate them via the seven chakras of the body.

As Reiki flows through your aura or a sick or unhealthy body part it washes it away, or breaks up these negative emotions to allow a normal healthy flow of Ki to resume.

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Elizabeth Wilde, Reiki Healing Melbourne Victoria, Psychic Healing Melbourne Victoria.


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