Elizabeth Wilde: Psychic Medium

Clairvoyant, Psychic Readings, Melbourne

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Elizabeth Wilde is a multi-talented, professional, psychic trance medium who incorporates all of her skills to channel messages from your Archangels and Spirit Guides to provide clarity and to assist you to "weave your web of life."

Weaving Your Web Of Life

The Spider Woman or Grandmother Spider legends are part of the creation mythology for several American Indian tribes, who said she attached a thread of her spider silk to each person in the universe to provide access to her wisdom and protection.

The spider symbolises power, mystery and growth. Strength and hard work is required to weave and construct our lives in the same way a spider weaves her web.

Spirit Guides and Archangels

Each individual person is on their own journey with their own soul contract, and Spirit Guides who work together with Archangels to help you honour this contract through various ways. As a psychic medium, Elizabeth can act as a channel to forward energy and messages to you during psychic, tarot and rune stone readings, to provide possible outcomes and future predictions.

You Are The Master Of Your Own Destiny

Elizabeth Wilde, Psychic Medium, Melbourne, Victoria

Elizabeth is well-travelled, with a wealth of experience, and multiple qualifications. She can offer practical guidance, upliftment and peace of mind to help remove any obstacles holding you back, as you do have free will and choice. She could help you to discover your true destiny and why you are here with numerology.

With over 25 years of experience as a psychic medium, Elizabeth is a professional member of the Tarot Guild Of Australia and the Australian Psychics Association.

Elizabeth's qualifications and skills include:

• Psychic development, psychology, tarot, palmistry, and astrology studies for many years
• Numerology Certificate Course
• Trance Mediumship Development Course
• Newlife Seichim – Sekhem Reiki Levels I and II
• Dip Training & Assessment TAE 40110 Cert IV
• Dip Marriage Celebrancy Cert IV

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